My name is George Kafetzopoulos and I am a front end developer. I am self taught and very dedicated in what I do. Coding and music are my two passions so I often indulge in some heavy coding & responsive metal.

About Me

  • Self Taught
  • Dedicated
  • Fast Learner

I was always fascinated by computer science ever since I was little and got my hands on a computer first chance I got; wether being hardware repair or software and programming discoveries. My passion hit its peak in 2015 when I started coding for fun and discovered how much I enjoy programming and especially web development.

I made a goal to kickstart a carreer in website development and threw myself into all resources available. Designing was always in my DNA, alongside music, since I was always sketching.

When I started my journey I discovered Gimp and really utilized it to try and understand the most of it.

I have become a programming geek (and I take pride in that) and experiment with different languages, projects, designs and ideas. Below are some of my works for you to take a look at.

My Top Skills

Some of my Recent Projects


Phyllo Bakehouse

Created and designed the website for the north London pastry shop Phyllo Bakehouse from scratch

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Desktop app for stock management & sales analysis based currently being used in a Greek restaurant.

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Bikeztube Cycles

Bicycle shop website with integrated online booking system for a London based business.

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